The Goodwill Fundraiser


Hey y’all! Since its “Throwback Thursday” I thought I’d share a fundraiser we have done previously that turned out well!

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As a Broke Dance Mom, I am constantly googling ideas for fundraisers to offset expenses. I saw that our local Goodwill did a fundraising program with groups in the area and that they paid per pound of donations. I had a ton of stuff in my garage including boxes and boxes of books from when my grandparents passed and I’d been meaning to donate it all anyhow so this sounded perfect! Our competition team is small. 6 girls and 6 families to fundraise. It is usually hard for us to get a large scale fundraiser going and honestly only 3 families will probably participate. This seemed really doable for us so I contacted our local goodwill and arranged for them to drop a donation trailer off at our studio on a Friday and pick it up that Sunday.

(*Before reading on please understand that I am discussing my experience with my local Goodwill. Not every Goodwill has a fundraising program (but MANY do!) and the terms are different and unique to each individual store. Please contact your local Goodwill to find out what they offer*)

They said would pay us a flat $200 If we got over 500lbs of donations and $50 if it was under 500lbs – plus $0.10 per pound overall on top of that. There were a few items that were excluded such as furniture (BUMMER!) and explosives etc. but for the most part anything was fair game.

So we started hustlin’. We had 3 families actively participating and started soliciting donations. Its a win-win. People get to clean their garages and help us fundraise without actually having to open their wallets. We offered to pre-collect any donations for about a month before our trailer would be there and advertised heavily to bring items to the studio on that day. The trailer was dropped off on friday as promised and we were emailed a combination to the lock.

We took over anything we had pre-collected that night and loaded it up. Since there were 3 families we split Saturday into 3 shifts and had the trailer “open” from 8am to 8pm. We were the Morning shift from 8am-12pm and saw a small but welcome amount of traffic. Mostly from people we knew or at least recognized. It picked up a little throughout the day but by 8pm the trailer was only about half full. We weren’t feeling super optimistic but knew we’d get a little something regardless.


They came and picked the truck up sunday and then we waited. About 3 weeks later our studio director received a check in the mail from goodwill and after splitting it all 3 families ended up with about $170! That’s pretty good!

We have decided this is definitely a fundraiser worth trying again. What I would do differently is advertise even more and starting sooner. Find someone who has an empty garage you can use as temporary donation storage. Collect everything you can. Look for the “Free Stuff” posts on craigslist where they throw things on the curb in a free for all. Be creative! And BOOKS. Sadly everyone is getting rid of books these days but they are small and heavy and perfect for your goodwill fundraiser.

Have a fundraiser idea for me to try and review? Send me an email!


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