Easy and Cheap – DIY Dance Hairpiece Upgrade!

Dance Hairpiece Upgrade

This weekend we travel to the Dance Educators of America competition in Seattle. We just got the schedule that lets us know what time our dancers routines will take the stage. My daughters Musical Theatre solo is the first routine of the day for our studio, followed by the group routine 45 minutes later. Which means….we have time for a hair change! WOOT!

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Our group routine hairstyle is 2 French braids, which works well for the theme of our dance, Geeks. It doesn’t really work with either of my daughters solos. You never know how much time you’re going to have for a hair change so we had to plan as if we were stuck with the braids. I was going to roll them both into a bun at the bottom of her neck for her solos but now I wont have to! So while starting to think about which hairstyle we want it dawned on me….I CAN NOW USE THE HAIRPIECES THAT CAME WITH THE COSTUMES! DOUBLE WOOT!

But….the hair piece that came with her Musical Theatre costume is kinda plain.

Sure it has a few feathers and shiny things but we want MORE! This is a DANCE COMPETITION and as far as I’m concerned go big or go home!

So I hit the craft room. A quick dig through my supplies and I found exactly what I needed –

A small feather boa that came from the dollar store.

Sparkly tulle in a slightly different shade of purple for contrast.

Mads costume does not have this shade of lighter purple on it but with all the other bling providing hints of other color it will be fine.


I cut a piece of the sparkly tulle and brought it into a bunch using a zigzag pattern.



Then I grabbed my glue gun and glue sticks and got to work! 

I start adding hot glue to the bottom of the tulle bunch while holding it firmly so that it doesn’t come apart. I add glue to each end on the bottom and in between where it needs it to stay secure.

Once I’m satisfied with its strength I set it aside and start on the feather boa.

Using the same zigzag pattern I bunch it up into a feather poof.

Then I start gluing…and gluing….and gluing. I am NOT risking this hair piece falling apart on stage. Put a glob of glue in and then quickly hold it together. Repeat all over until there are no loose feathers and I feel it is strong enough to attach to the clip and then we are ready to put it all together!

I bring out the original hairpiece and the tulle poof and then make a thick line of hot glue right above the clip on the original hairpiece.

Press the tulle poof down and hold firmly!

Next I added glue in a few spots that didn’t feel secure and then grabbed the feather poof and attached the exact same way as the tulle.

I use my hot glue pretty liberally. I added it any and everywhere that felt like it wasn’t tightly secured to the other pieces.



Of course I wont be trusting that lonely little alligator clip to hold this on her head, as with ANY dance hair piece you should be prepared to secure it with additional methods, so this will likely have about 10-20 bobby pins cementing it firmly to her hair before it hits the stage 😉


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