I was browsing Facebook earlier today and saw a post advertising a local ballet class. In the comment section was a ballet teacher criticizing the technique of one of the dancers in the photo. She said that because of the poor technique she could not bring herself to “like” the post, even though it was Read More


IDEAS FOR BORED KIDS AWAY FROM HOME My son is a “Dance Brother”.Β  He entered the studio with his sister for the first time when he was 6 weeks old and is now 7 and has tagged along to almost every competition shes ever entered. *My posts may contain affiliate links. For more information please Read More

15 Homemade Dance Class Snacks

15 HOMEMADE SNACK RECIPES “Don’t forget your snack!” is something I yell to my daughter after school 4 out of 7 days a week. She takes multiple dance classes a day, several days a week and she needs those quick snack breaks to keep her going strong like the energizer bunny that she is. *My Read More

What is Clogging, Anyway?

WHAT IS CLOGGING, ANYWAY? My daughter is a Clogger. She also does Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Musical Theatre and Hip Hop. But she absolutely has the most fun when shes clogging. *My posts may contain affiliate links. For full details see my disclosure policy* When we tell non-dance people that she does Clog Dance, we typically Read More