My Boy Doesn’t Do The Sports…And Thats Ok.

My Son is 7 years old.

When he is excited his eyes light up like stars during a meteor shower in the night sky.

He is an aspiring Pokemon trainer who loves Power Rangers and Ninjas.

He also loves Dragons, Outerspace and Construction Paper.

He does not, however, love Sports. Or even seem to like Sports very much.

And that’s ok.

I always envisioned carpooling my boy to play Peewee Football or All Star Hockey.

He just wants me to help him set him his race track and he says I can be the red car.

When we’re done he says he wants to have a living room dance party.

He also wants dance party snacks.

And that’s ok.

Some boys are born with a baseball bat or football in their hands.

We signed him up for t-ball and soccer and even a junior warrior bootcamp.

He would rather hang out at home and play with dinosaurs in his treehouse.

And that’s ok.

He watches his sister play catch with dad and sometimes asks to join in.

He calls it “mitt baseball”

“Lets play mitt baseball guys!”

But only for a minute.

Then he wants to play with the dog or his kite or a half inflated balloon.

And that’s ok.

My son is likely never going to play sports on an organized team.

He will probably always be picked last in PE.

But my son is smart.

SO smart.

He has an imagination that belongs in Hollywood pitching blockbusters.

And he is kind and crafty and absolutely hilarious.

And that is SO ok with me.

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