Yes, You CAN Really Save Money With Ibotta!

Guyyyyys. Maybe I’m late to the party…but have y’all heard of Ibotta?! It’s a shopping app that gives you CASH BACK for your purchases at the grocery store and other retailers. For real.

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Here’s My Personal PROOF! After only ONE trip to the store with Ibotta I already have $8 back!

Get real cash back with ibotta

I needed to go to the grocery store for the basics and figured now was as good as any to give this Ibotta thing a try. I downloaded the app and instantly felt it was straightforward and easy to use. You can choose to search by store or go directly to the general offers. Many of them are available at multiple stores giving you plenty of choice! The offers were clearly displayed and I was pleasantly surprised to see that many things already on my shopping list were included!

To add offers all you have to do is click the little plus sign. Boom.

Sometimes you will be asked to answer a brief survey question to add the offer but I’m happy to do so to save money, it takes like .5 seconds.

Some offers are brand specific and some you can use on any brand of the item that you’d like. More choices is always a good thing!

After adding all offers that were for things on my list we were off to the store. I purchased my Ibotta items first and separately so that I could see my savings a little clearer. Everything in this cart was cash back eligible from Ibotta.

Save money with Ibotta

In addition to the item offers, there were “just because” offers. Like “0.50 off ANY item. Instant money back for things you are already buying!

After checking out and getting home its time to redeem your offers and get your cash back! Scan your receipt and verify that all of your offers were included. It pulled up most of mine automatically but I did have to manually add the bananas and bread that were both “any brand” offers. That’s it. It instantly told me I had received $8 back in my account!

Cash back with Ibotta



Amazing, fast, free, and easy. You can cash out as soon as you hit $20. So in like 2-3 trips to the store, like a week, I’ll be able to cash out. Also, once I hit $10 in cash back (only $2 away from where I am now after my first trip!) I get a $10 “Welcome Bonus” What are you waiting for?!

I wish I would have downloaded Ibotta sooner, apparently a ton of my friends have and have already been saving HUNDREDS of dollars! Imagine how quickly that adds up!


Do not let the stores keep all of your money, claim it back with Ibotta! Check it out HERE!

Also, feel free to use my referral code, I’d love that! hvhbvqr

P.S. About coupons….Ibotta is completely separate. You scan your receipt after your purchase meaning you can use all the coupons you want and still save with the offers from Ibotta on top off that! I didn’t do that this trip, but you can bet your bacon I will be next time!

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