Talking Tap Shoe Fix!

Fix a Broken Tap Shoe

Guys. The shoe is talking.

Mads broke a tap shoe….nooooo. These are her favorites! Theatricals Lace Ups.

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Dance shoes are expensive! We cannot afford to drop money on new tap shoes right now unless she grows out of them or utterly destroys them.

A hole in a ballet shoe and we are toast.

This? This can be fixed! Dun Dun Dun….E6000 to the rescue! You’ll see me post about this miracle glue a ton because it has saved the day more than once.

As you can see by the condition of my glue, I use it, alot. If you are a dance mom, you need some E6000. I have used it for shoes, props, costumes, decorating suitcases and more. The husband has even used it for his projects here and there.

Get some HERE

Apply the glue liberally to the problem area. Make sure you get every single spot! You want this to survive until your child grows out of them, do it right the first time 😉

E6000 has a dry time of 24 hours. Do not try to cheat this! It is an amazing glue…if you follow instructions!

Hold it super tight!

I dont play around, so I “borrowed” one of my husbands new clamps. Let sit for AT LEAST 24 hours.

I did almost 36.

Send child to dance class.

Wait for text from Dance teacher that says shoe survived tap class!

Save $22! Win!


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