Dance Costume Emergency Kit

Dance Costume Emergency Kit

I like a dance costume with rhinestones and feathers.

The fancier the better. Mads’ solo costume typically is very fragile because of all the bling. My nightmare is getting to competition and discovering we are missing a stone or that the feathers have a bald spot somewhere.


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Costume malfunctions beware, even if the fix isn’t identical to the original, you can fix that costume fabulously and get back on stage!

*This is entirely separate from my general dance competition emergency kit (which is coming here soon!) This kit is strictly for COSTUME EMERGENCIES.*

So whats in my dance costume emergency kit?

The Essentials

First things first, the glue.

I pack 2 types, a hot glue gun (and glue sticks) and E6000.

As you can tell from the condition of my E6000, it sees a good amount of use. It is a high performance adhesive that has saved many an accessory and costume. You can find E6000 HERE.

The recommended dry time is 24 hours. Most competitions are all weekend events, so if I have that 24 hours, I’m using the E6000. If I need something fixed on the fly, its the glue gun. 5 sticks are pictured here, but lets be real I pack like 17.

Alas, some things just cant be held or fixed with glue. Enter the good old needle and thread. I always carry a small sewing kit, small pair of *sharp* scissors (the pair that came with the sewing kit was terrible and was promptly fired), and a pair of tweezers.

The Pretty Stuff

In addition to the items needed to stitch and secure dance costume emergencies, I plan for disaster.

I bring a bag full of various colored feathers, plastic rhinestones, a wheel of hot fix rhinestones and a long bunch of rhinestones on a roll. If part of the costume goes down and I cant make it look like it originally did, I will at least make it look pretty.

Not pictured but deserving of a mention in this section – my flat iron. I have added hot fix stones with a flat iron backstage on the fly and Ill probably do it again. It travels in my personal bag and was omitted from the photo 😉

All of this fits into a $1 pencil box.

Don’t panic, prepare! 😉


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