My dancer takes what feels like a million dance classes a week. Multiple kinds of shoes and tights, plus all the “extras”. This gets expensive! Quickly!

I love the big dancewear companies for unique items and larger orders but ordering one thing at a time here or there from a dancewear company can rack up crazy unnecessary shipping charges and you have to wait a week or two. Sometimes I just need a pair of tights or shoes on the fly dang it.

So, I go to Amazon for my dance stuff.

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We always check amazon before making a dance purchase anywhere else. I’ve found that Amazon Prime either beats the dancewear companies prices or comes pretty close to it and offers free 2 day shipping on most items, which the dancewear companies don’t do. You can order most of the big name dance brands there – Capezio, Bloch, Sansha, Body Wrappers and more.

(Side note, as a dance mom I NEED amazon prime. I need things shipped fast and free. My husband watches Prime TV and we all utilize the music service. We are a Prime family and you can be one too. I use my prime membership for EVERYTHING! Not just dance stuff, if you haven’t tried prime you can do so for free for 30 days here – Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial)

Here are some of our favorite dance finds on Amazon!



Leotards, biketards and tights galore. You can find it on Amazon.

Basic Ballet Leotards

For the basic black leotards that you’ll need for Ballet, auditions, conventions etc. ..Amazon is the way to go!

These leotards are all comparable in price on other dancewear sites however the only place you’ll get it with free shipping in 2 days is Amazon Prime!


Gorgeous and Sophisticated Leotards

So pretty! These leotards on amazon are eye catching and affordable!


Perfect for jazz class and more, Amazon has TONS of biketards in different colors and patterns!





Because Unicorns and Mermaids….Duh 😉




I wont buy dance tights anywhere other than Amazon. As often as my daughter goes through them I need them often and now.

If you aren’t sure what type of dance tights you need to buy (yes there are several to choose from!) See my Dance Tights 101 Guide Here!


Dance Shoes

If we need a new pair of shoes before the end of the week you know where we’re ordering from! You can get so many styles and brand name dance shoes on Amazon with 2 day shipping!

Ballet Shoes

Jazz Shoes

Hip Hop Sneakers

Tap Shoes


Clogging Shoes and Taps


Half Soles

My daughter has worn these for multiple solos at competition!



Character Shoes

Dancer Make Up, Accessories and More

As much as we love fancy make up counters and their fancy makeup prices we can totally get everything we need at a lower price without leaving the house.

Long Lasting Lipstick

We’ve been using this lipstick this season with great results!

Eyeshadow Pallets

Lets be honest we all only use the same 3-4 shade anyhow…might as well save some money….


My daughter hates wearing falsies. But she still has to if she wants to be on competition team. So she does. I have found this multipack on Amazon to be the best bet for us as far as quality and price.

A 500 pack of bobby pins.

…and lets be real…we all know all 500 will be gone in a flash!

Black Hair Elastics.

…and we all know these will run away with the bobby pins…

Make Up Removing Wipes

Usually the first thing my dancer wants to do after competition…remove the pound of makeup from her face!

Dance Make-Up Bag

Ok this isnt a necessity…but its wayyyy too cute!!


Turning Boards.

I bought a turning board for Mads from a dancewear site awhile back. I paid like $50. My eyes about popped out of my head when I saw these on Amazon for under $20! And the reviews are awesome!

Stretch Bands.

This is the one Mads has and she digs it!

I could go on forever but these are some basics that you can get on Amazon quickly and will usually save you money!

Remember if you don’t already have a prime membership you can get one here
Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Happy Dancing and Shopping!


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